zombie survival kit gag gift

Zombie Survival Kit Gag Gift

Uncover the top of the skull, and where brains used to be there are now cookies. Riding on the popularity of family car stickers, these take on a whole new meaning by zombie-fying them. Knit Zombie Doll Heres a cute knit zombie doll that is just too adorable to be scary. But you know that its no time to panic, and theres only one thing that will get you out of this with your life.

If political vampires are not your thing, maybe you fantasize about being a vampire yourself. . If your answer is, yes I would laugh go back to the drawing board cause survival its survival not funny enough.

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Then take back the gum, because its legit gum and you deserve fresh breath more than they. Personally I like writing awesome citations, it gets me cool points in the office and makes everyone who didnt get one beg for my acceptance. Its probably a good idea to stock up before the zombie outbreak, just in case. Either snowboard, paintball or motocross will.

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42 Hilarious Gag Gifts That Will Make Them rofl DodoBurd 33 Zombie Gifts for Lovers of the Undead Dodo Burd Dodo Burd

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To keep the sweat out of your eyes. Self powered flashlight and radio. There is also a basic first aid kit in case you hurt yourself in the zombie battle. Its classy, its modern, its fab and its available on amazon Creative Cursing Profanity Generator When sarcastic creativity isnt working for you in the moment and you need a good come back from a well played insult you can always reach out for your handy. An exploding pen that scares the #!t out of someone and makes them do the Harlem shake.

Create a Zombie Survival kit for loved one.

It would be easy to carry and has many uses.

You will get bored. I paid extra for the quick shipping and it did not arrive on the day that it was suppose. By the way, if youre a human, and you eat zombie flesh, wouldnt you become a zombie yourself?

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M: Customer Reviews: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Family Guy who gives Peter a bag of salt-water fish instead? You can learn more about Zombrex from other inserts that come with the game. To drown out the moaning of the undead.

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Juan Hodapp

Truthful Zombie T-Shirt, the old saying Its me and you until its me or you. Chances are youll need its other features as well as the world gets overrun and mayhem ensues. Since we are Walking Dead fans, survival courses vancouver island the whole point of me giving this gift was the zombie theme.

Laquita Robillard

It makes it seem like theyre a successful zombie hunter and theyve gone through the trouble of mounting a zombie head on their wall.

Dann Gammons

I paid extra for the quick shipping and it did not zombie survival kit gag gift arrive on the day that it was suppose. Or use it to make a simple booby trap.


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