poptropica survival episode 2 bait

Poptropica Survival Episode 2 Bait

The next time the dog passes, push the rock once, then jump on it and jump to the the grassy platform. Otherwise they just sit around. Jump from branch to branch to the right, again trying to stay high. It will normally run away and hide. Game Show Island Robo - Turtle (Advertised Only).

Myron van Buren, your rescuer, welcomes you. Then jump up the ladder. Jump on top jungle of survival it and click the red bag. This paracord place is full of traps, so watch out! According to the survival guide, you need this to properly build a fire.

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Poptropica Survival Island Episode 2 Cheats - Hook, Line Poptropica Survival Island Episode 2 - How To Get The

A few funny steps survival away, youll find the fourth page of the survival handbook. USE the shoelace, USE the fishing hook, equip the fishing pole, then press space. Click on "Blow on Fire".

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Here, you have to reach the sleeping Van Buren at the far right, but avoid waking him.

Jump up to the blue plane wing and walk to the right side.

USE the Voice Recording; it's (presumably Van Buren) saying " Tally-ho " (it's okay, I'd never heard the phrase before either).

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Survival Island Guide Poptropica Help Blog : cheats Survival Island Poptropica Wiki Fandom powered by Wikia

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Jump to the eminem top of the green radio boxes and jump onto the stairs. Click on the green bush to hide behind. It'll fall, smashing the statue! You'll land on the opposite bank; go right, to the next area. This is the first Poptropica Island to be released in multiple "episodes". From the other edge, jump your way up to a maps branch with a weak point (looks like a whitish strip).

You'll fish out the other shoelace. Jump on the next ladder to make the bottom part crumble. Run all the way to the right until you get back to the large boulder. Now go back to the top and climb.

Full Video Walkthrough, scroll down for the written guide.

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Jump down and use your mittens to clear the snow. Go to the sheltered spot to the left of the boulder and then click on the fire icon in the lower-left part of your screen. Now you're warm and well-fed, and you have the Survival EP2 medallion, and. Above you is a plane with an uncharged radio in it but we can't reach it yet. Jump up on the branches to get to the top, where youll find a missing page for the survival handbook. Run right, staying down, and collect the wire.

Go all the way left and enter the door marked with a fork and knife. Exit the trophy room. Tower Jump zombie 1 Tower Jump 2 Tower Jump 3 The "Van Buren Force" chopper will arrive and safely whisk you off the tower.

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Jump up the first springy branch and collect the fishing pole. You'll drop it in front of the guard dog, who will merrily gobble it up and get knocked out cold. Hey, I guess that's where the free fishing pole and fire equipment came from.

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Mounted Creatures - Mounted best survival games pc 2015 animals in the Haunted. Songbirds - They perch on telephone wires and chirp.

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A Seagull - Guards her nest fiercely until you distract her with sardines. Most are observing the local wildlife.

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For how long, poptropica survival episode 2 bait we don't know. Butterflies - Fly about after quest is completed.

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Now follow these steps to make fire: Click best survival games pc 2016 on the mitten.

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Fruit Bat - They normally hang upside down but will unhesitatingly attack. It is a literal depiction of the term "Energy Hog". A mother pterodactyl kidnaps Cosmoe, mistaking him for one of her babies.

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It later turned up to save you and the captain.

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Now you have all the materials for a lemon battery! Giant Crabs - They attack poptropica survival episode 2 bait you when you get too close. It has a segmented body and an eye on each segment.

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The meal is poisoned!

Dann Gammons

A crab on the beach. USE this shoelace, then run right to the previous area.


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