poptropica survival island chapter 4

Poptropica Survival Island Chapter 4

See what all the fuss is about when you set foot inside the ominous Van Buren hunting lodge. You raised it slightly and squinted, barely being able to register the word. Last but not least, everyone can now play Survival: Cabin Fever! Cringing, you lifted your arms in an attempt to protect your eye sockets.

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Why is it such a special day, you dumped ask?


Turning the key, you saw something flutter in between the cracks of a rock.

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(Ok, that is NO WAY to keep a dead fish.

You tugged on it, prying the lid from the rest of the backpack.

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You scratched your neck and rolled closer to your fire, breathing in the scent of best burning wood. Go over to it and use your ax handle to push it down the hill. Its yellow eyes were slits, its black rate ears stapled to its skull. Now we need to head to the left again and find survival a way to get to the top of the trees.

Is this room soundproof?) Grab the recording device. If this gets to low, you will freeze to death and have to start over! He will be just past your parachute. Where's all the pages?" You glared at the book and felt your hands tremble at the rage building inside of you. 0_0 Note to self: Add "murderer" to that list of crimes this guy has commited. A Bear-y Nice Encounter Now, I shan't beat around the bush, because that's the only way to get around the dog. Yank the claw out of the bear carpet on the floor.

Run up the ramp as fast as possible and leap from the top of the ramp.

Now it is time to head all the way to the last section to your right.

You tightened it and grimaced at the pain surging through your palm.

There's a dog kennel in front of you, and that dog is vicious. Now, you'll have to assemble the fishing rod. You gripped all of your supplies, momentarily spotting some other useful fluff hiding in the roots of the tree.

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Now it made sense why you felt dread whenever you looked inside the cave; your eyes had subconsciously seen the bear moving around in the cramped rate confines of the cave. There are a bunch of book pages scattered all over the forest but who needs a book when you have a walkthrough? So jump onto the left end of the see-saw type thingamajig and it'll create a ramp. That way it acts as a bridge over the pit. You shifted and sat up, shaking the snow out of your hair.

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Juan Hodapp

I might become a pyromaniac if this keeps up, you mused. You fell, and you fell, and you fell. With all this new stuff to enjoy, don't waste another second.

Chantay Dimaio

Hello you muttered in poptropica survival island chapter 4 greeting, watching as the little animal chattered and tore off tiny strips of cloth from a red material.

Chantay Dimaio

Only when you were finished did you glance up at the raccoon.


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