poptropica survival episode 1 tinder

Poptropica Survival Episode 1 Tinder

It's pretty easy to free the little guy, just lift up the trap and-hey! Use the knife to cut the rope and the crate will fall and smash open, and you can take a b lemon /b with you. Once you get to shore, walk to the right until you see a big tree with rope hanging from. Jump out to the left, and follow him until you get to the branch with the woodpecker.

1) Click on the texas three lights below the herald to dinosaur turn them on and off. 8) The key to the Armory in the Trophy Room is hanging by survival Van Buren's bed, but you can't cross the wooden floor or the trophies without waking him. Thanks for the feedback!

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Go right and Use the key to enter. Look through them and select the scratched copper penny at the bottom of the bag. (more) What would you like to do? Use the knife to cut the rope and the crate will fall and smash open, and you can take a b lemon /b with you. He will not let you take the nest that is there. Pick up the b bird nest /b.

Then go left zombie to find the other 2 missing pages in the trees. Use the rope at left to connect it to the other rope and the saw gears below.

(more) The question and answer are locked and cannot be edited. Flip another rock to the left, and click the tree commands to push it over. Farther right you will find some loose b wires /b that can be used for that purpose. Cross to the right side, enter, and get the radio.

Br wear mittens and clear ALL of the snow from your fire area br set down the bird nest tinder br click. Fir" if you try to use the next ladder. It breaks off, shove the copper penny into the lemon and hook the red wire.

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Survival Island Guide Poptropica Help Blog : cheats, secrets 1) out for members Monster Carnival here for all

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The three floating trees might not appear.

5) At the far side of the rapids, you must continue right to the next scene. br / 10) Continue left to the third scene. 4) Continue right to find debris from the plane scattered around at the rapids. 10) Pick up the flint and enter the cave. Pick up the bird nest.

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Giselle Swearngin

It says, "it was a trap! But the door won't open until it hears Van Buren's voice (use the recording).

Gilda Hillery

Jump to the top of the green radio boxes and best survival kits on the market jump onto the stairs. Exit the trophy room and go into the other doorway in the living room. USE the shoelace, USE the fishing hook, equip the fishing pole, then press space.

Caroyln Gust

Just to your left, at the end of the map, you will find a Survival Handbook.

Shaunda Bucy

Go left and enter the hidden passage. Follow him and you can carve your name into a log. There is snow and ice and it is very cold.

Otilia Segraves

You are in need of a small influence-and now we survival q significa are away to locate some! You will have to re-enter through the last stage you completed before exiting. We don't know that either.


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