thinknoodles poptropica survival island part 1

Thinknoodles Poptropica Survival Island Part 1

Music Provided by Approaching Nirvana m/approachingnirvana. Follow me on Twitter: m/think_noodles, facebook: m/thinknoodles, twitch: /thinknoodles, google : /Thinknoodles, seed. Youll have to bounce on the branches to get up to the area above. The tree will fall into the water. Now start running right.

Now walk to the right until you get to the area survival with two trees and a wheel laying on the ground. Get a running start and jump onto the floating log to use it as a boat!

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Once you catch a fish, youll have food to eat! Survival Island Episode 2: Hook, Line Sinker Poptropica Survival Island Episode 2 Hook, Line Sinker Written Walkthrough Now you need to find something to eat. Once you stop the beavers from patching the holes, the water level will go down and youll be able to pick up the hook! Youll find yourself in the living room again. New York, NY 10116, merchandise m, social Media, follow: m/think_noodles.

Click on the play loose piece in the rates picture below. To get down from hanging on the trees, just click on the bottom of your player. Now start heading right and get out of the hollow log. Open the survival handbook to see how to catch a fish for yourself. When the dog is walking away from you, jump out from behind the bush and run to the right.

Enter the security code, this will knock the crocodile head off the wall and break the statue of Myron.

2 - Hook, Line and Sinker Walkthrough

5 - Escape Walkthrough Poptropica survival island guide part

When you click on the bag, something will drop. Pick up the pill bugs and then climb up the tree to find the next two pages of the survival handbook.

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Now walk to the right to try to exit the bedroom. Once you get through the blank section.

Poptropica: Survival Island.1 Crash Landing Part

Click on the red ON panel to turn off the sensor system and exit the room. Now go into the cave.

Congratulations, youve completed part 3 of Survival Island! Go into your inventory and use the shoelace and fishing hook. Be sure the sensor is clear then jump out from behind the plant again and run to the corner. Jump on top of the two rocks then jump up through the opening in the ground. This part is pretty easy, just pay attention to the obstacles that are coming ahead of you.

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Open the survival handbook to see how to catch a fish for yourself. Survival Island Hack and Cheats APK Video Tutorials.

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Once you have done this, jump down from this hill and head right a bit.

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To find the security code, turn off both lights then turn on the red and blue lights. This is where youll meet Max thinknoodles poptropica survival island part 1 McGullicutty.

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The first episode is thinknoodles poptropica survival island part 1 called Survival: Crash Landing and will be released on March 20th!

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Now drop back down one level and position the rock like in the picture below.

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Climb up the thinknoodles poptropica survival island part 1 tree until you get to the branch with a rope tied around. Then push the log over so it looks like this picture.

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Drop down and pick up the rope off the ground.

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Now run back to the right until you get to the tree that hangs over the water. Now place your dry kindling on the fire. Jump over to the left to get on the next platform.

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SkyBoy303 By Andy Lentz on March 7, 2014 / News, walkthroughs / 61 Comments.

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Survival Island Screenshots Trailer 3/19/14 h2 Survival Island Trailer Survival Island Screenshots Here is the first set of Survival Island screenshots released by the Poptropica Creators.

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Go to the left and youll have thinknoodles poptropica survival island part 1 to jump on top of three logs to get across. There are motion sensors in the room that you will need to avoid.


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