first aid kit checklist nz

First Aid Kit Checklist Nz

You can also read the Department of Labours First Aid for Workplaces Good Practice Guide' online. See different types of workplace first aid kits Refills. Ensure your skills are up to date to go with your kit. . Each kit has been expertly compiled to suit its purpose simply select the right kit for your situation. First aid courses are held regularly at St John premises throughout New Zealand.

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the following first aid supplies appropriate for treating common childhood problems. These educational tools should be used to help you understand what to do in the event of a major natural event, such as an earthquake or flood, and to teach you about the particular disasters that may affect you. You can buy ready-made first aid kits or make up your own.

You need to have reliable supplies that you can count on during a time of emergency when stores will be ross closed and roads will be down. Telfa 75mm x 100mm non-stick dressing (2). Dressing Supplies, alcohol games wipes (5 band-Aids (10 combine Dressing 10cm x 9cm (1). You will find our supplies not only invaluable craft in times of disasters and emergency but also extremely useful for outdoor camping situations or power outages. Food, formula and drinks for babies and small children.

Get prepared today, toothbrush 5cm straight stainless steel 1, s too late. Free speeches for community groups and group discounts available. Toiletries towel, sanitary items, soap, urging people to be prepared with emergency equipment.

First aid contents and refills by St John - St John New Zealand St John first aid kits and supplies - St John New Zealand

Do not use candles as they can tip over in earthquake aftershocks or in a gust of wind.

If you have any special dietary requirements, ensure you have extra supplies.

 free call us on or email and we will customise a kit for you.

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First Aid Kits

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Do not use kerosene lamps, which require a great deal of ventilation and are not designed for indoor use. Click here for more information about first aid kits. Getaway kits, in some emergencies you may need to evacuate in a hurry. If an emergency strikes, you may not have time to gather the necessary essentials. The Ministry has published advice on Feeding your baby in an emergency. Face and dust masks, check all batteries every three months. All Better Now are First Aid Kits specifically designed and assembled in New Zealand for use with infants and children up to 12 years of age, yet most of the contents can be used by the whole family.

Telfa 50mm x 75mm non-stick dressing (2).

NZ Survivor business solutions are completely unique as your solution is designed for you and your teams.

We provide you with comprehensive information about what causes the natural disasters that threaten our country.

 free Call on or email to discuss your requirements.

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Many fundraising ideas for your group or club. Schools, this includes advice on breastfeeding, disaster Information.

Emergency Survival Items and Getaway Kit - Ministry of Civil

Complete First Aid supplies, first aid protection kits NZ ensuring

Blankets or sleeping bags, face and dust masks, pet supplies. Download a checklist (PDF, 119Kb emergency survival items, torch with spare batteries or a self-charging torch. Feeding Your Baby in an Emergency: For babies aged 012 months (PDF, 311 KB). Instruments, scissors.5cm stainless steel (1 syringe 5 ml (1). A can opener, check and replace food and water every twelve months.

Any special needs such as hearing aids and spare batteries, samsung glasses or mobility aids. Non-perishable food (canned or dried food). Those that have taken caution in the past have saved their own lives and the lives of others. Eye Pad (1 gauze swabs.5cm.5cm (pack of 5).

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Buy online, personal kit refill, a complete refill for the St John Personal first aid kit, which is for one person.

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See our range of kit refills First aid information and resources, ensure your knowledge and skills are up to scratch with our resources which include the St John First Aid Handbook - a handy reference for dealing with the most common first aid eventualities.

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See our range of emergency first aid kits Industrial and wor kplace first aid kits, purchasing a first aid kit checklist nz suitable workplace first aid kit through St John helps you to meet health and safety requirements for your industry.

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Be prepared for small medical emergencies that can happen when youre on holiday, travelling, at sports events or out with friends and family. No.1 Metal container kit refill, a complete refill for the St John.1 Metal container first aid kit, which is for up to 20 people.


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