poptropica survival episode 1 fire

Poptropica Survival Episode 1 Fire

Put on the fishing suit and then move the log to get into the next area. Climb to the top of the mound and pick up the fishing hook. Improved User Interface - All of the in-game UI is temporary and will be replaced with a more fitting theme. Good, now weeza got some explorin'. At this point, you'll see a pair of binoculars zooming in on you.

the plane from the left side and collect the nails.

Drop off to the platform to the left, making sure quest not to land on the trap.

Jump when you see puddles or bushes. Then leave and go left, his plot to ruin Van Buren requires you to find four things.

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This place is full of traps, so watch out!

Episode 3, at last, a tall radio tower looms out of the fog and over the endless treescape.

You'll hook the whistle and reel it in, all under the nose of that hound!

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Eventually the dam will drain completely and you can drop in and go right, into the beaver lodge. All you need to do is click on the correct materials in the correct order! Equip the ax handle and click on the round boulder. Then go left and exit, back into the Main Hall. Collect the Trophy Room key from behind.

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Starting the fire weapons is pretty easy. Easter Egg : (optional) Before going down the log, you can go left and collect the Fisherman's costume from off the rock. Then slide off and jump. Go right and jump up to the slope, then follow the slope.

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Juan Hodapp

Here, you're looking for a dull brown, scratched-looking penny (American coin it's near the bottom.

Dann Gammons

You'll have to jump on the floating logs to hit the beavers when they try to fix the holes. Locked curity IS ISN'uest room!

Jeffrey Holland

Climb up to the top of the tree and youll find a wrecked airplane.

Juan Hodapp

This Island, survival game was a blast 2 years back, and revisiting it after so long will give us a journey much different from our last one.

Giselle Swearngin

Poptropica Tours, episode 1: poptropica survival episode 1 fire Crash Landing edit edit source, night has fallen and the temperature is dropping. Now he'll get dinner ready and you must head out of the trophy room and to the banquet room. br / 13) Van Buren is nowhere to be seen, so step back and blow the Whistle (Use) to lure him.

Peg Venezia

I Told You You'll Come Back For survival forum uk Them Go back to the previous area. Jump back up outside of the hollow log and proceed to your right.

America Venzon

br / 15) Jump left to the other connected platform, and climb the ladder to the next level. Then, as always happens when poptropicans are being hunted by sociopaths, the ground breaks!


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