cool survival gear

Cool Survival Gear

Its equipped with a micro SD card slot. So be sure to get your order today before they all disappear! US150; the cam comes out in June 2012, m Also on cnngo: How to disappear for a year. Emergency Fire Starter, great Fire starter that is waterproof and can be lighted again and again. Funny pictures about Awesome sphere tent.

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Goddamn it, were like a bunch of latte-sipping babies.

Though they often come at a steep price, this one is reasonable enough, at around 150.

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I personally use survival a survival couple of Fozzils Bowls in my setup because they weigh close to nothing and pack flat. Getty Images, arthur Conan Doyle is best remembered youtube for his many short stories and novels featuring the detective Sherlock Holmes. Even then it still sucks if youre.

One of the best choices here is the. Over time, she came to be seen as a genius of the genre. This is really the best all-around stocking-stuffer gift out there for pretty much everyone on Earth.

Its easier if I just show you a video:. Get them a real pole and spend your time teaching them how to use it, and then focus on teaching them how to fabricate stuff out of nothing. I personally use rechargeables with a solar panel and AA charger to keep all my stuff going. Ugly Stick by Shakespeare.

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Even though I didnt make it a list of 132 things, if you still cant find what youre looking for, check out my post on 99 freakin awesome ideas for your bug out bag. Its designed to be used with solid fuel tablets, so make sure you pick up a stash of those too. She earned both a bachelor of arts in English and a bachelor of science in physics in 1973, and a PhD in physics in 1978. After leaving nasa in 1987, Ride devoted her life to encouraging students to study scienceespecially girls. The Light My Fire Titanium Spork is what Id suggest because its pretty much indestructible but they do make plastic ones that are still well-made.

They deflate to about the size of a CD, will float, and dont need batteries. Ive bought a TON of these myself and will be buying more. Get this type, not the normal survival spork. .

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Also, Awesome sphere tent. The Apocalypse Might Not Be Coming But Emergency Prepar.

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Also on cnngo: Best travel products for 2012, perfect for getting a shot of survival knots card your own bubbles. But for the loner who should have thought twice before going on this soul-searching trip he or she can get an Internet connection.

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With the ability to live-stream video footage live to a smartphone, computer or tablet, its allegedly for extreme athletes who feel like they havent really accomplished anything unless the world can cool survival gear see. This Camping Tent Weighs Almost Nothing and Fits In Your water bottle. The paracord also unravels.6 meters if you ever fancy a little extra rope.


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