antarctic survival kit

Antarctic Survival Kit

It can be quickly deployed over a casualty without the need to lift them. You will be given the opportunity to talk about your findings and answer any questions from your peers. Before you begin, watch the video below for inspiration: This Webquest was created by Ciara and Emma, 2011. Step 9, pack appropriate winter boots.

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Finally, you should sit down and make up a small notebook with all ojays the names, addresses and telephone numbers (home, work, cellphone, fax, etc.) of everyone you know both in, and out of, your area. Two in the car? 3-What are some ideas you have on how to keep dry in a snowy winter survival situation? We have a Clothing Advisory Committee which considers whats the most suitable gear as well as the most effective use of current resources.

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However, the victim may still be able to maintain an appearance which suggests that they know checklist where they are and what is going. How friend many said you'd rather be alone? Of course the most important aspect of any survival kit is making sure your girls know how to use it! Your car hits a patch of ice and slides into the ditch, stuck in three feet of snow. A pint jar of whipped honey and can of pop?

You should include everyone, including your bank manager, insurance agent, the toll-free number for your water, electricity, phone, and all other services.

As the seasons headed toward winter, Scott ran into t-errible blizzards.

Muscles becoming rigid 5-Who was the first man to reach the South Pole? Proper shelter eliminates or at least reduces the effects of wind and moisture. Chocolate square, herbal TEA BAG, OXO cube: you can use any or all of the above. What was their coat made of? When a potential victim is at stage four treatment must be immediate.

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Antarctica is one gnarly place; not only is it as cold as all blizzard, but its dry like a desert. Use - 0 - for air, and - X - for water.

In the front and back seat? Ski-mountaineering boots, thick wool or wool/wool blend socks. The gear used in Antarctica is very different to equipment used on Everest. Just a short distance into the trip, Scott's animals died and the men had to pull their own sleds.

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Juan Hodapp

Be sure that you have a survival kit on your person during the flight and trek to Antarctica.

Kristine Riggie

Don't forget vital accessories such as goggles, face mask, heavy winter hat, sunscreen, water bottle, and multiple pairs of gloves. Also be sure that you are prepared for the ark survival evolved cooked meat jerky frigid temperatures and harsh conditions of an Antarctica excursion. Note that Antarctica is cold and dry, so protection from wind, cold and perspiration will be more important than protection from outside moisture.


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