knaxe knife-axe survival tool

Knaxe Knife-axe Survival Tool

Hidden in the axe handle is a hollow cavity with a magnetic sheath that can securely store a knife. Here is something you are sure to see on a episode of The Walking Dead. The Gerber Gator Machete Pro, has no actual purpose in my opinion except for maybe some sort of apocalypse. Gerber Fixed Blade Military Knifes by John Perkins. Its only.99 from, thinkgeek.

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Here we look at the survival kit.

And the firebow is put to work.

Glue the wood onto the metal using CA glue.

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When hordes of acute the undead attack you need lots of sharp shiny things to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Once you have your final design drawn in with sharpie, you may change your design later by sanding off the sharpie. The unusual design of the sheath allows for a "Quick draw" while still best keeping the blade secured during periods of heavy activity. It will also remove nails. Once you know how to use the inclinometer you will find many other uses for.

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The Video, each person will find many ways to hold the tool. The rangefinder is simplicity itself to learn to use. Too fast for the camera to see.

Buy one while we have some in stock! It is plenty accurate for bow hunting and great for hunters. After almost 30 years of dreaming, dozens of prototypes and thousands of hours of experimentation. Designed in a coppery-brown hue that the brand calls 'spice this midi piece has adjustable straps and a self-tie belt to cinch the waist. To check out my metal band saw table click. In fact that was one of the most important features we designed into the tool. Advertisement: Tagged with zombie axe zombie knaxe zombie survival tool.

A close up of the atax Nut gripper : value ) The "ULU" edge on the knife makes a super skinning tool. Just like it had a zipper. There goes the skin.

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This handy weapon is balanced and gripped for comfort and control and will look great with zombie brains. It has polished gold hardware and is adorned with the house's signature hand-applied studs that are galvanized for added shine.

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Gerber Silver Trident Knife at Cabelas guns-and-knives.

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Its a handheld axe with a knife hidden in the handle!

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Knaxe Knife-Axe Survival Tool, hand axe with a hideaway knife. Adjust the chain ark survival food recipes strap to carry it cross-body.

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Gerber Gator Combo Axe II This versatile and well-balanced combo of a camp axe and hand saw gives you the tools you need to finish wood-cutting jobs with ease. Knaxe Knife-Axe Survival Tool -44.99, you can never have enough melee weapons when it comes to zombies. The indestructible glass-filled nylon handle has an extra knife inside.


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