walking dead survival instinct armory

Walking Dead Survival Instinct Armory

The fire axe is located on the shelf to the right of Noah in the store in Lafferty danvers This is located at the top of the stairs in the wall after leaving the car park area. Doing so will kill. Walk into the Police Station from the side and the shotgun is on a table in the last room on the left as you enter. Alternately, you could just quit to the XMB and reload the game.

This house has squirrel 10. Once the Walker dies, the trophy should unlock. She will be standing on top of a train as soon as you enter the area. Random survivor Gloria Garcia (Possible first survival location 1/3) - This survivor is found randomly while traveling between Barksdale and Sherwood. The squirrel is behind the counter you just jumped over.

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Defender : Add a special stat optimized for defending. Find out for sure by shooting a crossbow bolt into its head. Another, walking Dead: Survival Instinct collectible can be located while exploring the second zone of the video game, named. Upon entering, turn right to find the squirrel. The, walking Dead: Survival Instinct collectables guide below explains where to look for the second. This shotgun is slow to reload and is inaccurate, but it holds 8 shells. Pump-Action Shotgun - This shotgun will be lying outside the clothing store exit on the ground. Random survivor Shelly Berger (Possible location 3/3) See first description.

Random survivor Gloria Garcia (Possible location 2/3) - See hacks first description. Jane Carroll (Sherwood) - This survivor is found to the esee right of the sign in the middle of the street; she is standing in the hallway. Sedalia Description: The Gateway to the Hills is a last chance supply stop for hunters headed up the mountain, and home to the friendly community of Dreamaway Groves park.

So you need to use the backdoor to speak to reach her. Make sure you jump over the wall and to the right you will spot a small room and an opened door.

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Sedalia - The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Wiki Guide - IGN

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Pass the blockade, Todd can be games found in the last room on the left. But carries over multiple survival playthroughs. Well heres something that will get my fellow fans pretty excited, available for pre-order is the new.

Polksville squirrel 9 - After navigating halfway through the railyard, you will reach a point where you must climb into a rail car to proceed. Pull a Bolt From a Walker Then Kill Them With. Shoot one of the Walkers anywhere but the head: hit him in the arms, chest, or hands.

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And baseball bat, when the mission starts, you have to go into her house at the end of the mission but use the backdoor this time. Travel on the back roads, after the room with the poster. You will advance into a clothing store.

Fire Axe, this weapon is on a shelf to the right of Noah (in case you missed the fire axe in Cleburne Hospital). If you sold him out for Merles antibiotics, he will remember that and bring a herd of Walkers down on you. Squirrel 10 Located in Terry Harrisons house. You'll be back at the main destination you set off from, so therefore you'll have another chance to get the survivor to appear. Gloria Garcia - This survivor is found randomly while traveling between Barksdale and Sherwood. You will be able to retrieve the bolt from the Walkers body with.

There is a total of 18 survivors you need to travel with in order to unlock the trophy. Optional vehicle 3 (SUV) - In this room on the table directly under poster 4 you will find the car keys. Throw a distraction against the far back wall, then run toward the group of countertops forming a square in the middle of the clothing store.

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Unlock all the below trophies to get this shiny new platinum trophy. Take the dirt road to the right of the police station to get to the trailer park. When you head back to the gas station, talk to Warren before turning on the generator.

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You will need to find and return jeep 15 black survival knife the keys back to Warren to completed this objective. She is stealthy and cant be dismissed.

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Level/area location Fontana You will need to complete the "Mia" objective first and when you do the keys are located on top of the cooker in the kitchen area within the Diner that is opposite the cinema. You then need to go into the next room and make your way into the middle and the squirrel is at the bottom of the counter area on a table.


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