survival island poptropica episode 3 walkthrough

Survival Island Poptropica Episode 3 Walkthrough

Pick up one of the lemons. Now head to your right into the next section. Something will happen and the plane will tip down. Once you make it over the bear, you need to get the.

When knives you get to the top, go ahead and pull out your radio. Place the dry kindling on the fire. Follow the fire building steps that are outlined lyrics in your survival handbook.

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Survival Island Poptropica Cheats - Poptrickia

Bloobity blabbity mething something so hungry.

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In case you only guide skipped to this survival part because you're way storage too lazy, (we've all done it) the passcode is 0451.

Pretty sure he did.

Is this a replay of Ghost Story as there is seemingly no one there?

Who would have guessed that there would be a secret passageway behind the fireplace in a creepy mansion?

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Once you do, head back to the halfplane above the ravine.

The squirrel gets angry at you and runs off, into the cold, dark world. Jump back down onto the snowy ground. You need a little leverageand now were off to find some! 2: Hook, Line Sinker - m/watch? There's a dog kennel in front of you, and that dog is vicious. Jump over the boulder, onto the other side.

Did the beavers just think "Oh look! Your rescuer offers a hot meal and a comfy bed, but youre not his guest youre a prisoner. The higher one is broken.

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Okie, now that you have this, we can go to the next step And that would. Just to the left of the sign we passed earlier, you should have seen a hard hat stuck in the trunk of a tree.

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When it is level again, run in there and grab the radio! I tried before, but my cat jumped on the computer. When you first get to the island, you are going to run to the right past a big tree and a keep out sign.

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Now, run a little farther to the left, but stay on the page. Well, for starters, go to Survival Island. Well, go as far right as you can until you recognize it, then equip the.

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Go inside the Fallen Tree, and get the. You will fall out and now survival island poptropica episode 3 walkthrough we need to find a way to get that radio!

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Then go ahead and leave (It doesnt matter if you get caught by the bear this time ) Now that you have Dry Kindling, as I said before the photo, you can leave now. You will survival island poptropica episode 3 walkthrough call for help and someone will answer. When you get to the top, go ahead and pull out your radio.

Bobette Latorre

By, poptropGuru on December 22, 2014 /.

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Poptropica Survival Island Episode 3 Cheats - Distress Signal Walkthrough.

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Please see the video walkthrough survival island poptropica episode 3 walkthrough if you are confused! Go until you see the Stump in the picture below.

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Now roll it down, and then click on the small area in front of the. Duration: 8:46 Published: 3 years ago Author: channel, description: Here is Poptropica's Survival Island Episode 3 Cheats Guide.

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Now we need to cut down that tree in order to get the satchel. Go inside, and then look at the water falling from the ceiling. You will find both a video walkthrough as well as a written one below to help you get through this episode of Survival survival island poptropica episode 3 walkthrough Island!


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