primal gear unlimited survival bow review

Primal Gear Unlimited Survival Bow Review

If youre looking for a well-designed tool to help you survive in the woods while maintaining a stealthy profile at the same time, this compact and lightweight bow is worth checking out. The takedown arrows, the takedown arrows are made from 400-spine carbon arrows with feather fletching. The limbs of the cfsb are made of solid pieces of fiberglass cut to shape. This helps prevent them from getting lost under the clutter on the forest floor.

Basically it was a position that taught combat Wilderness Survival techniques to usaf aircrew members cheese in the mountains North of Spokane Washington near Fairchild AFB. The other feature of this bow that many people might not like is that it does not have a sight, as it is more of a long bow design. I took it out of the packaging and admired how light and compact it was. .

Jeff went back to the dawing board, keeping simplicity of design, manufacture, use, and dependability in mind, and came up with a new concept. For that purpose, all you need is a simple. It is very important to them at Primal Gear Unlimited to produce a quality, dependable product, but they also have pride in employing local people, and producing a product entirely made in the USA.

He had a season winner. Also this bow can shoot any kind of twitter arrow.


Kh7oYK, please add me to your Google Circles. Which actually had been the very thing that had gotten him interested in target shooting. But was able to string this bow in a matter of seconds.

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There are two inserts in the middle of the shaft where the arrow screws together. .

Im sure if a person was experienced they could fit a sight onto it but in my opinion, that would take away from its intended simplistic design. .

Once I felt comfortable, I moved back to twenty yards. .

A Running Review of Primal Gear Unlimiteds Survival Bow Primal Gear Unlimited Compact Folding Survival Bow Review

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Backyard liberty-Easy and survival cheap DIY Aquaponic system to grow your organic and living food bank. I spent all survival my instinct hunting years using firearms even though the desire to bow hunt was always just below the surface. . It can easily fit, along with the take down arrows, into a standard bug out bag and even under a vehicle seat. .

The riser is milled from T-6 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. Also considering that the set up time for this bow is about one minute without needing tools, just adds to the appeal. If you want a way to defend yourself and hunt in the event you find yourself in a survival siuation due to a catostrophic event, that will fit conveniently in any bug out bag, that is light weight and durable, or if you are. In fact, the grip feels a little slippy and cold, as it is a straight piece of metal, which also delivers a little handshock.

I put all three shafts together and began shooting at ten yards. . It can shoot carbon, fiberglass, or wood arrows. . Looking at compund bows, he decided the initial cost along with the cost associated with re-stringing, and other upkeep on a compound bow, that he would consider a takedown recurve bow. To my dismay, I quickly realized how expensive this new endeavor was going to become. . Finally I moved back to thirty yards and my groups began to get a bit worse and I even missed a few times. .

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So before long jeff had built his first red oak bow. In trying to solve the issue, he came up with a design, that allowed the bow to be carried in one compact unit with the riser acting as a sheath encasing the limbs for protection, and easy assembly, using items that any outdoor enthusiast would. Liberty generator-Easy DIY to build your own off-grid free energy device. Here are the specifications of the bow from the manufacturers website: Specs, can easily be converted for right-handed or left-handed shooters.

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Heather, reminded Jeff that although he had been in retail sales for 14 years, with his background in various types of construction, that he not only had the ability, but the tools as well.

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A groove is machined down primal gear unlimited survival bow review the middle, and a sight window with arrow rest is cut into the side. The nocking points are used to ensure that you position your arrow in the same place every time. He carried it with him many places to make sure that it was not only convenient to carry, but tough enough to stand up to being knocked over, tossed around, having items thrown on top of it, and many other abuses an item can face.

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As they expand their product line, they will be looking for products made in the.S.A. The takedown capability makes these arrows easier to survival knives used on alone transport while back-packing or traveling, as well as conceal in your pack or bags if you are trying to hide the fact you have a weapon with you. They decided to look into having the riser manufactured and discoverd that the dsign, as simple as it seemed, would be tough to machine, and most poured materials, would not stand up to the pressure from the limbs when in use, or be too heavy.

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Primal Gear Unlimited offers its cfsb in three draw weights: 40, 50 and 55 pounds. As target shooting was not just a hobby it was also a sport he foung to be very relaxing, Jeff was determined to find a way to shoot. As a result, the feather fletching might cut your hand, or the string might hit your forearm, giving you a nasty bruise.

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The Compact Folding Survival Bow (cfsb) from Primal Gear Unlimited is the only one that comes already assembled and ready to use. The arrow is cut in half, and a set of aluminum inserts (one male and one female) is glued into the two halves so they can be screwed together to make a complete arrow. The bow and arrow, on the other hand, can be used for the same purposes of hunting and protection, albeit not from the same ranges.


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