tnw asr survival rifle 9mm

Tnw Asr Survival Rifle 9mm

Accessories on the ASR and ASP may vary in style and specs. A quick tap on the bolt closed the action and I was able to fire the rest of the drum as fast as I could pull the trigger. ASR and ASP Barrel Threading Service. Reliability, i fired just over 300 rounds today, all of it was with Silver Bear 115g FMJ steel-cased ammo. The trigger is a little narrow but it is a fairly light 2 stage trigger (I estimate somewhere between 5-7lbs) with a nice short first stage.

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The rifles uses standard Glock magazines, has an adjustable stock games and, for left-handed shooters, the ejection island can be swapped from right to left. Aero Survival Rifle, semi-automatic direct blow back action. The 9mm cartridge has been in police service unity for many decades, and it remains quite effective today.

The Aero Survival Rifle is available in hard black anodize.

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Gun Review: TNW Firearms 9mm Aero Survival Rifle

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TNW Firearms Aero Survival Semiautomatic Tactical Rifle : Cabela

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The ASR can be ordered in 9mm,.45 ACP,.40, 10mm,.357SIG calibers and the newly available.22LR. Free Shipping Offer only applies to specially marked items. The msrp is 500. Upper and lower rails. Finish, black, long Gun Web Model, aero Survival.

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A Carbine in a Backpack-TNW Survival Rifle Review

Equipped with a quick change barrel and AR collapsible stock. GMR-13 carbine survival from JP Enterprises is a high-end rifle offering 3-MOA accuracy and compatibility with 9mm Glock magazines. Convenient right- or left-side ejection makes the Aero truly ambidextrous. An easily removable barrel lets you break the rifle down for compact storage and travel. No conducting firearms-related transactions.

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Jefferey Wilczynski

Its close enough to the pistol grip where you only have to do a minor movement to rack it with your right hand index finger and using a pinching motion with your thumb on the back of the. I expect it will be at least as accurate as my S2k which is an honest 4-6 MOA rifle with its iron sights.

Anika You

When I placed my order with TNW Firearms, I also had them thread the barrel ends. Upper and lower rails, also relevant : made of aircraft aluminum *Accessories on the ASR and ASP may vary in tnw asr survival rifle 9mm style and specs.

Joanna Manke

Optional three-day pack sold separately, performance: 9mm Wolf ammo, 1,270 FPS. In addition to this, I purchased a 357SIG barrel and a 10mm barrel. I figured that if it shot that stuff, then just about any cheap ammo should be va survivor pension rates fine in this gun and I never had any problems with it in my G19 or S2k.

Dortha Woodford

So far, I'd say the reliablity is Excellent. Liste de vidos visionner, file d'attente _count total chargement, impossible de charger la transcription interactive.

Gilda Hillery

It includes everything you need to shoot 9mm, 40SW and 45ACP. The only malfunction I had (not even really a malf) was with my SGM 50 round tnw asr survival rifle 9mm drum and the bolt didn't fully load the next round. Fits more nicely in my hands now.

Anika You

Available calibers: 9mm,.40S W,.45ACP, 10mm,.357SIG,.22LR. Ergonomics, the first thing I noticed with this gun is how much it looks/feels like my old Spyder paintball gun. The sights I mounted are Daniel Defense and they are excellent although the larger ghost ring is only good custom survival knives made in usa for the absolute closest ranges.

Adolfo Bartmess

Re: TNW Aero Survival Carbine, i purchased the multi-caliber ASR package directly from TNW Firearms. The Aero Survival Rifle is available in hard black anodize, two variegated finishes (Tiger Pink, and Tiger Green OD Green, and Dark Earth. Overall, it is a cool gun and a worthy competitor to the existing PCC market.


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