unlimited survival bow

Unlimited Survival Bow

As some customers share, in order to make it left-handed, you can simply turn the bow upside down, and voila. Take a look at the video below to see us shooting and for the full review on the Primal Gear Unlimited Compact Folding Survival Bow: Click here to watch on: m/watch?  There are a variety of models types and some people may just shoot without them all together, so I get why they dont place them on the string at the factory. For more information about this Compact Folding Survival Bow please visit: /PrimalBow, subscribe TO MY channel: /RealitySurvival, connect with ME ON social media: Join Our Facebook Group with 40,000 members!

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Compact Folding Survival Bow 55 lb Draw Weight Primal Gear Compact Folding Takedown Bow Survival Bow 50lb Weight

I ordered the 55lb. I didnt have a survival person in my life who was an experienced archer, so I never took the leap to go bow hunting. . At first my shots were not very consistent but I was not missing the target.

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Primal Gear Unlimited Survival Bow New Generation Modification

Draw and a set of three take down arrows.

There has been a price increase from 129.00 to 149.00, but this bow is well worth the money.

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It can shoot carbon, fiberglass, or wood arrows. .

For the quality, ease of use, simplicity, and compact size for the price that Primal Gear Unlimited offers, I give this a five out of five star rating.

I have never strung a bow in my life, but was able to string this bow in a matter of seconds. .

The riser is milled from T-6 6061 aircraft grade aluminum.

Differences; Beveled riser ends, for limb longevity, pound increase, and speed increase.

Also considering that the set up time for this bow is about one minute without needing tools, just adds to the appeal. Home of, the Original, compact Folding Survival Bow. While there are small differences, their quality has improved in powder coating and design. Posts"d: Reply, clear All"s.

It can easily fit, along with the take down arrows, into a standard bug out bag and even under a vehicle seat. . Also the Primal Gear Unlimited Survival Bow New Generation has logo engraved now. VjB1qoOci3Qc, what do you think, is this bow right for you? Powder coating, limbs and body, arrow shelf padding, retaining strap.

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Norah Dufresne

Average arrow speed is 181 feet per second. It only took about a minute to set the bow up from folded to ready to shoot and the best part is that it requires no tools to do this. .

Crista Balding

It can shoot carbon, fiberglass, or wood arrows. . Im sure if a person was experienced they could fit a sight onto it but in my opinion, that would take away from its unlimited survival bow intended simplistic design. . A Bow For Your Bug Out Bag?

Eduardo Mancini

I spent all my hunting years using firearms even though the desire to bow hunt was always just below the surface. . Its flexible and unlimited survival bow not easy to break. Let us know in the comments below!


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