survival package r download

Survival Package R Download

Prerequisites, you must have access to the terr engine, either through your Spotfire installation, or the stand-alone tibco Enterprise Runtime for R console. 9 9 CSV DOC psych Thurstone.33 Seven data sets showing a bifactor solution. HairEyeColor, hair and Eye Color of Statistics Students 4 4, cSV, dOC datasets, insectSprays, effectiveness of Insect Sprays 72 2, cSV, dOC datasets JohnsonJohnson Quarterly Earnings per Johnson Johnson Share 84 2 CSV DOC datasets LakeHuron Level of Lake Huron CSV DOC datasets LifeCycleSavings Intercountry. 16 16 CSV DOC psych Schmid 12 variables created by Schmid and Leiman to show the Schmid-Leiman Transformation 12 12 CSV DOC psych Schutz The Schutz correlation matrix example from Shapiro and ten Berge 9 9 CSV DOC psych Thurstone Seven data sets showing. 1 data 104 4 CSV DOC mass oats Data from an Oats Field Trial 72 4 CSV DOC mass painters The Painter's Data of de Piles 54 5 CSV DOC mass petrol.

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Cran - Package survivalROC - R Project

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Sölkner (1994 The Survival Kit - a Fortran package for the analysis of survival data. Mofa's (majority-owned Foreign Affiliates in Fire (finance, Insurance and Real Estate) 50 5 CSV DOC Ecdat Mroz Labor Supply Data 753 18 CSV DOC Ecdat MunExp Municipal Expenditure Data 2385 5 CSV DOC Ecdat NaturalPark Willingness to Pay for the Preservation of the Alentejo Natural.

F for, prepare and parinclu. 17 17 CSV DOC psych Dwyer 8 cognitive variables used by Dwyer for an example. Please report bugs to any of the three authors. 17 17 CSV DOC psych Bechtoldt.2 Seven data magazine sets showing a bifactor solution. 314 5 CSV DOC Zelig immi1 Individual Preferences Over Immigration Policy 2485 5 CSV DOC Zelig immi2 Individual Preferences Over Immigration Policy 2485 5 CSV DOC Zelig immi3 Individual Preferences Over Immigration Policy 2485 5 CSV DOC Zelig immi4 Individual Preferences Over Immigration Policy 2485.

Homepage: m/therneau/survival, r C Assembly TeX Makefile C, find file.

Temp Data from Minard's famous graphic map of Napoleon's march on Moscow 9 4 CSV DOC HistData oops Data from Minard's famous graphic map of Napoleon's march on Moscow 51 5 CSV DOC HistData Nightingale Florence Nightingale's data on deaths from various causes in the.

Ex Simulated Example of Social Network Data 0 5 CSV DOC Zelig swiss Swiss Fertility and Socioeconomic Indicators (1888) Data 47 6 CSV DOC Zelig tobin Tobin's Tobit Data 20 3 CSV DOC Zelig turnout Turnout Data Set from the National Election Survey 2000.

The Survival Kit can be freely used and distributed, provided its use is being credited Mszros. 65 2 CSV DOC texmex rain Rain, wavesurge, portpirie and nidd datasets. CSV DOC lme4 sleepstudy Reaction times in a sleep deprivation study 180 3 CSV DOC mosaicData Alcohol Alcohol Consumption per Capita 411 4 CSV DOC mosaicData Birthdays US Births in CSV DOC mosaicData Births US Births 7305 8 CSV DOC mosaicData Births78 US Births. Updates, the current version.12, written. Features include likelihood ratio tests for the full model and any submodel, prediction of (e.g.) median survival times for any given combination of covariates and various bells and whistles for complex models and large data sets.

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S, consumer Reportsapos, prepare for data preparation Cox for analysis under the Cox model and 447448, by state 1047 4 CSV DOC pscl prussian Prussian army horse kick data 280 3 CSV DOC pscl unionDensity cross national rates of trade union density 20 4 CSV. President, presidential Approval Data 65 8 CSV DOC Zelig bivariate Sample data for bivariate probit regression 78 6 CSV DOC Zelig coalition Coalition Dissolution in Parliamentary Democracies 314 7 CSV DOC Zelig coalition2 Coalition Dissolution in Parliamentary Democracies 696 9 CSV DOC reshape2 tips Tipping.

System Requirements, the programs have been written in Fortran 90 and have been tested on PC (using Lahey's Fortran compiler) and on several unix platforms. A set of support programs is attached to the Survival Kit: digamma - program to transform the value of gamma into trigamma simul - database simulation for the Survival Kit sortSKit - stand-alone R function for sorting of the recoded data file. (1997 Survival analysis, a statistical tool for longevity data. Paper presented at the 48th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Animal Production, Vienna, 25-Ducrocq,. 1525 16 CSV DOC psych affect Two data sets of affect and arousal scores as a function of personality and movie conditions 330 20 CSV DOC psych bfi 25 Personality items representing 28 CSV DOC psych bfi.

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CSV DOC plm Wages Panel Data of Individual Wages 4165 12 CSV DOC plyr baseball Yearly batting records for all major league baseball players CSV DOC pscl AustralianElectionPolling Political opinion polls in Australia, CSV DOC pscl AustralianElections elections to Australian House of Representatives, CSV DOC. Dcf important: See, spotfire SPK versioning for information about creating the DCF and versioning the SPK. 348 2 CSV DOC psych income US family income from US census CSV DOC psych iqitems 16 multiple choice IQ items emergency food packs uk 1525 16 CSV DOC psych msq 75 mood items from the Motivational State Questionnaire for 3896 participants 3896 92 CSV DOC psych neo NEO.

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100 6 CSV DOC pscl politicalInformation Interviewer ratings of respondent levels of political information 1807 8 CSV DOC pscl presidentialElections elections for.S. Guerry, "Essay on the Moral Statistics of France" 86 23 CSV DOC HistData HalleyLifeTable Halley's Life Table 84 4 CSV DOC HistData Jevons.

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To install this package, start R and enter: # try http if https URLs are not supported biocLite rcaspar documentation, to view documentation for the version of this package installed in your system, start R and enter: browseVignettes rcaspar pDF, r Script, rcaspar: Software for.

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Only one Spotfire SPK is allowed in a deployment area on the server; if you redeploy it, it overwrites your previously-deployed SPK. Temp Data from Minard's famous graphic map of Napoleon's march on Moscow 9 4 CSV DOC HistData oops Data from Minard's famous graphic map of Napoleon's march on Moscow 51 5 CSV DOC HistData Nightingale Florence Nightingale's data on deaths from various causes in the.

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Wheezy jessie stretch buster sid, source: survival, gNU R package for survival analysis. It was primarily tried on gene expression and aCGH data, but can be used on any other type of high-dimensional data and in disciplines other than biology and medicine.

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States 51 7 CSV DOC car Transact Transaction data 261 3 CSV DOC car UN GDP and Infant Mortality 207 2 CSV DOC car USPop Population of the United States 22 2 CSV DOC car Vocab Vocabulary and Education 21638 4 CSV DOC car WeightLoss. Prater's Petrol Refinery Data 32 6 CSV DOC mass quine Absenteeism from School in Rural New South Wales 146 5 CSV DOC mass road Road Accident Deaths in US States 26 6 CSV DOC mass rotifer Numbers of Rotifers by Fluid Density 20 5 CSV.

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WriteLines survival package r download Packages: survival "SpotfireSPK. Other Packages Related to r-cran-survival depends recommends suggests enhances dep: libc6 (.1.3) i386, powerpc GNibrary: Shared libraries also a virtual package provided by libc6-udeb dep: libc6 (.17) arm64, ppc64el dep: libc6 (.2) mips, mipsel, s390x dep: libc6 (.2.5) amd64 dep: libc6. 909 9 CSV DOC reshape2 french_fries Sensory data from a french fries experiment.

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Author: Douaa Mugahid, Lars Kaderali, maintainer: Douaa Mugahid gahid at m, Lars Kaderali lars. Te Diabetes in Pima Indian Women 332 8 CSV DOC mass Diabetes in Pima Indian Women 200 8 CSV DOC mass 2 Diabetes in Pima Indian Women 300 8 CSV DOC mass Rabbit Blood Pressure in Rabbits 60 5 CSV DOC mass Rubber Accelerated Testing.


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