zombie survival test 2

Zombie Survival Test 2

Take a gun from my convienient weapon stache and see to it that the zombie has a nice death. Nbsp I have slight experience. Nbsp Shoot them in the heart. Could you survive a zombie apocalypse?

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Yes, I've always watch those survival shows. It's been a while, loading. Check all the rooms for zombies. (13 survival sIZE: 920KB, created BY: SecV, used with Permission, return to Not Doppler).

The Zombie Survival- test Zombie Survival Test

Tend to others emotinal problems, try to entertain the team 6, a survivor walks in, what do you do?

No 7, can you improvise stuff to create new weapon?

Zombie Survival Quiz 2 - Play it on Not Doppler.

Tell your team to check the room for you.

Let them in, the more or the merry 7, you're on the run again, a group of zombies are chasing you.

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14 Random Questions:What's more important? They're pathetic Why not? 1-3 survival times 3-5 times more than 5 times.

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Terrance Maresca

Features Facebook integration so you can compare your test results with your friends! Where is it best to shoot a zombie his nutcrackers the head his chest his knees. Nbsp, very short,.

Stepanie Stell

Nbsp, medium length,. Iv'e used airsoft/bb guns before i zombie survival test 2 hunt i am good with rifles/shotguns do videogames count?

Robt Halperin

What is your gender? What does 22 equal?!?!

Stepanie Stell

If you best compact survival sleeping bag see a group of 5-6 zombies and your alone which would be best? Nbsp 6 seconds - 5 minutes. See what you chance is of surviving a zombie outbreak.

Peg Venezia

There are many people who are scared of a zombie invasion but some might make it out alive take this quiz and it'll prove if you will survive a zombie apocalypse and if you are a true zombie survival expert do you think you have. Take out your shapened metal boomerang and start killing.

Cassondra Byam

Nbsp 6 - 6 foot 6,. Make an efficient chain reaction out of household objects and end it with a sweet knife to the face. Nbsp, i have a little muscle.

Teresia Przybylski

You come across a small group of survivors and see them fighting off a horde, what do you do? What do you do?

Reyna Thayer

Nbsp A month. Nbsp A beautiful person of the opposite or preferred sex. Take em on i am ready to kick some rotting but!

Otilia Segraves

Do you have any sharp bladed melee weapons in your house or shed?

Kristine Riggie

The place where zombie survival test 2 you cut food. Not very, I don't really care though.


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