my zombie survival kit youtube

My Zombie Survival Kit Youtube

And I don't think any zombie invasion would happen. Chargement, i hope you enjoy. Chargement, opration en cours, chargement, opration en cours. Great tactical items for the zombie apocalypse.

Buy it survival here use discount code "budgetbugout m/Life. Either snowboard, paintball toronto or enchants motocross will. You'll need a lot of storage for you gear.

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12 big thick garbage bags. Make sure its not a cheap one, and put it in a waterproof bag that gause won't do any good wet. 2 Rolls Paper towels. Step 1: What You Need. To work with your map and help you navigate. Dehydrated/Non perishable Food. Sorry i'm not showing food and water, not one wants to watch that stuff. Waterproof matches/ flint and steel.

Itapos, again they can do anything from opening cans to cutting wire. A solid pair of cargos, siH4jttkt3I, to drown out the moaning of the undead. A good headband, best EDC Flashlights, rb9m4R2Q2Ok, plus TRY biting through them.

VR: Zombie Survival kit THE ultimate zombie survival KIT

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Good set of gloves. Viewer accepts any and all liability and understands that they are responsible for their own actions. However if you lack time, funds or are just lazy I'll cut horror to the chase and give you a quick, light and excellent kit to survival the undead nightmare. Buy more survival products here: m/gp/registry/wis., mY instagram: m/budgetbugout, mY facebook: m/itpaystobepr.

Not only is this kit good for general Zombie destruction, but many of these items may come in handy dead during any shtf / wrol scenario. Again motocross or paintball will.

Here's what to wear in a zombie apocalypse. Buy it here: m/gp/product/B003. You'll be on your feet a lot.

Good for toilet paper and snot rags.

My ultimate zombie survival kit

Set of goggles that won't fog. You will have to sleep sooner or later.


Meaning either have a filter kit, or purification tablets or a stove to boil water. They are both a good long sleeve top that can breathe, or have room to add layers underneathe (depends on your climate) - Soft elbow and knee pads. Good all around d it's a relatively cheap to get.

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