wow survival hunter reforging 4.3

Wow Survival Hunter Reforging 4.3

When you talk to them youll have the option to reforge any and every piece of your gear or if its already reforged, you can restore it to its unreforged state. No points are lost. They also come with innate nature and shadow resistance, having 1 reduced damage of each. Now which buttons do you press and when?

AND serpent sting TOO. However, if it falls off make sure to reapply it since the Noxious Stings talent makes us do 10 more damage when Serpent Sting is on the target!

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Gloves: Formula: Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery, which is slightly better than Enchant Gloves - Major Agility Belt: Ebonsteel Belt Buckle with a Delicate Inferno Ruby placed in the new socket. Fairly certain it beats out kill shot too, but that is probably dependent on your raid makeup and mastery levels. Certainly method one is superior, but the difference is one second, not two. 1 / 11, hey there hunter community! Talk about no more cookie cutter specs! I could list more. Wolf, Cat, Raptor, etc.

Read what I wrote. Glyphs, prime: Our Prime Glyphs are fairly rigid. Cat: This pet gives the raid a strength and agility buff. Alchemy: Not only do you tool get a reusable potion for 80 agility, Mixology gives an increased duration and effect of flasks (i.e. If the gem bonus is underwhelming, simply gem straight agility.

What is Lock and Load, iX Special Thanks As I said before.

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Tauri-Veins - Survival Hunter DPS Statistics Priority and Reforging Tauri-Veins - Survival Hunter DPS Guide (WoW.3.4)

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Not worth using if the mob in question will die extremely fast. You may want to throw in comment about the epic Agility gems ) Mastery: In a nutshell, increases the damage of all of our shots except for Auto Shot. Mathematically you would have to lose 16 damage from not having serpent sting up for it to take priority.

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FOR every explosive shoo USE 1 arcane shot TOO. This is probably the biggest change we've had in the last two patches. Glyph of Raptor Strike : This gives an extra damage reduction cooldown to a class with so few, and should be used during high damage phases where DPS is not a huge issue. Explosive a Enormous chunk of dps and while like she stated noxious is nice and adds to over all best dps. With the buffs to Explosive Shot and Black Arrow.3 as well as the awesome tier 13 2-set bonus, Survival passed Marksmanship on the awesomeness scale.

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These are the only ones I consider useful for raiding and I currently run with disengage, animal bond and deterrence. Survivability is mildly improved by allowing 10 of your natural health regeneration to continue while in combat and also improves your total health regeneration. It will place an icon in the middle of the screen of the CC that is currently affecting you and a timer on how long itll last.

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Mastery:.9 Haste:.7 Now we have our imaginary gear with 100 mastery and 65 haste. The Cookie Cutter PvP spec. ES has to be shot every CD, not doing so is a DPS loss.

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Reforge the eminem survival live 2013 Worst Stat for Your Spec. MM: mastery is the worst stat crit is best. Once the hit cap is reached, Hit Rating loses all value and is useless.

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So first and foremost: Why Survival? We also detail what the various caps are and why they should be attained. Your aim is to be able wow survival hunter reforging 4.3 to fit in three Cobra Shots in the space between two Explosive Shots.

Juan Hodapp

This one is ideal since wow survival hunter reforging 4.3 you can reforge 170 crit from this instead of just getting 170 haste. MMO-champion :- Of course. Cons: Mediocre sustained damage on Plate.

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As hunters, agility is our most important stat and camillus pilot survival knife amazon 1 agility will give us more dps than 1 of any other stat (except, of course, for our ranged weapon dps). A Murder of Crows This does a lot of damage, the fact that it also has half the cooldown in the execute phase means it will be important in a lot of fights.

Cassondra Byam

I would say any mastery is ok, wow survival hunter reforging 4.3 but crit will always be better since they affect the entirety of our damage rather than just a portion. Bouncy which reduces falling damage, is actually useful on the malkorok encounter.

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4.3 Handy Pet Tips. Added heroic encounter guide. Otherwise Posthaste is superior as it allows faster repositioning.

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For the most DPS you will want your pets to be in the ferocity specialisation. Doesn't matter if you've just hit 90 or you've been wanting to try out survival for a while, this guide will have all you need to know. Dire Beast Thrill of the Hunt Fervor Are all viable choices for raiding.

Eduardo Mancini

Absolute must have addon. 5.0 Raid tips.1 Rotation So you got your gear, spec and pet sorted out. Any information which is not my own I will list the links to in the last post so you can check it out yourselves.


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