survival data sets

Survival Data Sets

States 51 7 CSV DOC car Transact Transaction data 261 3 CSV DOC car UN GDP and Infant Mortality 207 2 CSV DOC car USPop Population of the United States 22 2 CSV DOC car Vocab Vocabulary and Education 21638 4 CSV DOC car WeightLoss. We have added sections that describe the derivation of the (partial) likelihood functions for the Stratified Cox (SC) Model in Chapter 5 and the Extended Cox Model in Chapter. Survival status (class attribute) - 1 the patient survived 5 years or longer - 2 the patient died within 5 year. Decision Systems Laboratory Intelligent Systems Program University of Pittsburgh.

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prostatesdate -. Davis Datasets from the ucla Department of Statistics Bradstreet Datasets from Early (and Late) Phases of Drug Research by Thomas E Bradstreet Datasets from Interactive and Dynamic Graphics for Data Analysis by Swayne, Cook, Buja, Hofmann, Lang Datasets from IBM's Many Eyes visualization project Swivel. Once inside an editor, click on the data documentation and copy it to another file. Datasets from the, uCI Machine Learning Repository, datasets from the. Anytime Query-Tuned Kernel Machines via Cholesky Factorization.

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R survival and S-Plus will readily import such data. Edit the resulting.txt file to leave only the data.

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Cancer Survival Statistics - Datasets

Anytime Interval-Valued Outputs for Kernel Machines: Fast Support Vector Machine Classification via Distance Geometry.

Survival status (class attribute) - 1 the patient survived 5 years or longer - 2 the patient died within 5 year.

Data Set Characteristics: Multivariate, number of card Instances: 306, best area: Life, attribute Characteristics: Integer, number of Attributes: 3, date Donated, associated Tasks: Classification. Table(d, file'v sep mesNA other Datasets Available from the Web.

Data Sources on the Web, crash datasets, dryadLab. Lawrence University Datasets from Exploring Data from Education Queensland Data from Statistical Science Web Datasets from Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Repeated Measurements by Charles. Australasian Data and Story Library, containing a large number of interesting datasets, many pertaining to Australia.

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Bagging with Adaptive Costs. International Stroke Trial dataset, physionet, iCU data, pooled Resource Open-Access ALS Clinical Trials Database - contains high-quality data with time to event and ordinal scale outcomes. Data from the Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network Dataset Guide Data from Arizona Elementary School Districts Statistical Society of Canada's archived case studies Datasets for research use from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the.S. Clinical Study Data Request - a wealth of data from clinical trails done by the pharmaceutical industry. Datasets, most of the datasets on this page are in the S dumpdata and R compressed save file formats. Web Link, papers That Cite This Data Set1: Dennis DeCoste.

Citation Request: Please refer to the Machine Learning Repository's citation policy. You have to request the data, but the site is immediately valuable as a source of data collection forms used in clinical (especially cardiovascular) studies. Please reference the original paper which for most data sets is given in our notes linked below, and note "Data obtained from nderbilt. The data may be useful for assessing differential treatment effect (often called HTE - hetogeneous treatment effect) for Riluzole. National Institutes of Health A wonderful set of links to various dataset sources from Key Curriculum Press Links to other dataset repositories and tips on surfing survival the web for data, by Robin Lock, Mathematics Dept.,.

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Dictionary 25 Personality items representing 5 factors 28 7 CSV DOC psych blot Bond's Logical Operations Test - blot 150 35 CSV DOC psych burt 11 emotional variables from Burt (1915) 11 11 CSV DOC psych cattell 12 cognitive variables from Cattell (1963). Yin Zhang and.

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Case studies and data files suitable for an introductory statistics course. Datasets for Learning Biostatistical Modeling Techniques. Data and Story Library.


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