survival island poptropica walkthrough ipad

Survival Island Poptropica Walkthrough Ipad

Stand near the edge of the water and use your worms to fish! Drop down and pick up the rope off the ground. Pick up the pocket knife then run all the way back over to the first piece of plane wreckage you found. Now we need to head all the way to the left of this section, jump up to the first branch of the last tree and a woodpecker will be pecking at the tree. The box of lemons will fall to the ground and break open.

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gets slapped by the beavers twice.

Go back into the trophy room and jump up onto to the elephants trunk to bounce up on top of the crocodile. At the top of that ramp is a boulder horror (which is too perfectly round to have occurred in nature.

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Poptropica Survival Island Walkthrough (Episode 1) Survival Island Guide Poptropica Help Blog : cheats

Locked curity IS ISN'uest room!

Survival Island Extras The first extra item available for Survival Island is Wind Power.

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You can now pick up the squirrels nest which you will use for the fire!

Click on your belly to drop down. Using your extraordinary supernatural Poptropican strength, you will use the handle as a lever to flip the boulder down the hill, revealing a secret cave. Jump out of the plane by climbing the chairs like a ladder. First move the rock so that it bridges the gap like in the picture below. After you get the key, take the same route out of the room. Turn on the sink extreme again and take out your empty pitcher to fill.

Congrats, you've made the fire and earned your medallion for Part 1! It will come out of the stump and you will place it in your backpack.

D (Ignores rock) Players: *Phew* OK, now that we've got it leaned against the rock, we can finally do something about that bear.

But don't celebrate just yet!

Physics gives me a migraine) You're gonna have to ditch this plane for now.

NO time FOR prancing!

Take out your pocket knife and click on the screwdriver icon to loosen the left side piece.

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Is based off of the short story" Cough totally cliched twist cough Episode. Click on the potted plant to hide behind it while the red light passes behind you. Specifically episodes 4 and 5, survival Island, t read simple diagrams.

This island is supposed to be unlike any other island weve played before! There's going to be a chewed up tree right next to a not chewed-up tree. Next, place the tinder (the squirrels nest) down. Use the worms you got as bait and lower the line into the water.

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Lamar Cebula

You survival island poptropica walkthrough ipad will then fall to the ground.

Shaunda Bucy

You will find the hard hat inside of the tree. The tree will fall into the water.

Kristine Riggie

He will annoy the squirrel so much that the squirrel will leave! You will soon come to a squirrel that runs up a tree.

America Venzon

Go to the other side of the boulder, where you are protected on all side.

Norah Dufresne

He arrives in a helicopter to pick you. There is another piece on the left side of the metal survival island poptropica walkthrough ipad bar.

Dortha Woodford

When we get here, we will be on top of a log laying down. You get scared and get caught in your own trap!

Bobby Speidel

You will need to use the branches to your left to get to this bag. Click on the cage to set the beaver free and you will pick up a gear. This can be frustrating because its easy to fall in the water and freeze so it might take you a couple tries.

Charlette Cheatam

Under this tree you will find some Wet Kindling. Now you need to use the rocks and branches to jump to your left and grab another page of the survival handbook. This part is pretty easy, survival island poptropica walkthrough ipad just pay attention to the obstacles that are coming ahead of you.

Catherin Friday

Jump down from the tree and youll find a survival island poptropica walkthrough ipad fishing suit sitting on the stump below. You can see the, poptropica app page here and download it to your iPad.

Caroyln Gust

When we get there, use the branches to jump all the way to the right until you get to a bag hanging from the trees. Youll blow the whistle expecting him survival island poptropica walkthrough ipad to run over but hes actually behind you! He will then fly to the left but up in the trees.


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