tnw aero survival rifle 9mm review

Tnw Aero Survival Rifle 9mm Review

The Parkerized 4140 steel.25 barrel is secured to the upper receiver using.32 ventilated aluminum barrel nut. The muzzle of this rifle is not threaded but TNW offers threading services for a nominal fee so that muzzle devices or sound suppressors can be attached. VeiWugP9CXV0 - The Aero Survival Rifle, famous for its removable barrel and easily convertible caliber changes, is a winner in home defense, backpacking, boating, and back country flying. Update: "Sling and foregrip not included. Pistol is also available in similar colors and calibers.

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Whatever the cause, they did not repeat during the 500 rounds I put through.

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Aero Survival Rifle - TNW Firearms, Inc

Philosophy, before we get into the meat of this review, I want to talk a little about the thought process of a survival rifle.

Ironically, many right-handed people prefer a left-side bolt handle. .

I used factory Glock magazines and some aftermarket ones.

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Put all together, it looks idiots like the perfect little emergency pistol-caliber-carbine on paper.


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In case I havent been clear. Desert, and trigger mechanism as the AR15. That is good enough for me with irons.

Gun Review: TNW Firearms 9mm Aero Survival Rifle

TNW Aero Survival Rifle Review

Two Groups from 50 yards. But this is package that has a lot of potential. Rock River Arms sells 9mm carbine uppers for as low as 575, but they dont sell pistol uppers.

During the first 50 or so rounds, I did have a survival couple of malfunctions. A JR Carbine dressed up to resemble a short-barreled M-16. As you can see, a complete 9mm with an upper from LWD will cost about 1100 for a carbine or 1200 for a pistol version. If you want to go cheap, you could get a complete upper (without any parts for the lower) for 515 from Model1Sales.

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Lamar Cebula

The upper receiver features an integral.5 M1913 Picatinny optics rail. The single-piece tubular upper receiver is milled from aircraft grade aluminum, as is the lower receiver which houses the trigger group.

Shelli Liebsch

The, aSR can be ordered in 9mm,.45, aCP, and.40 calibers, and coming soon.22 LR,.22, mAG, and.17, hMR. Two lower receivers are currently available, one for 9 mm,.40 S W and.357 Sig Glock magazines and the other for.45 ACP and 10 mm magazines.

Romeo Prowell

The ASR is equipped with a 4x scope, quick change barrel, and AR collapsible stock. The heavy steel bolt assembly accounts for just over a pound of the rifles total. From sunny Vernonia, Oregon, Carter Cutlery ( m ) tnw aero survival rifle 9mm review teams up with TNW Firearms, Inc to bring you a revolutionary new rifle, the ASR - Aero Survival Rifle.

Peg Venezia

The stock provided with the ASR features a textured butt plate, a single flush-cup sling mount and four steel line ports (two front, two back) for tnw aero survival rifle 9mm review the sling mount.

Joe Howlett

A few twists of the nut allows the barrel to be lifted out of the receiver for easy rifle storage or for cleaning. Not only is the latest version of this rifle comfortable and enjoyable to shoot, it can be converted survival pistol 22 to shoot several other popular semi-auto pistol cartridges.

Shelli Liebsch

Although some pistol-caliber rifle and carbine designs might not be able to handle tnw aero survival rifle 9mm review the increased pressure levels of the 10mm cartridge, this gun is strong enough to handle it with aplomb. Order: Reorder, duration: 23:19, updated: views: 101375 videos, the, aero, survival. The rifle is shipped with a useful set of accessories so that its ready to go to work when it arrives.

Cornelia Bauman

Chambered in 10mm, the ASR is a terrific option for use as a camp rifle, trunk gun, for hog hunting, and personal protection against dangerous animals of the four-legged and two-legged variety. The lower receiver is attached to the upper by two removable retention pins.

Alayna Menter

During the most recent event, I took a few minutes to stop by the. Available calibers: 9mm,.40,.45 ACP. Designed to look like a day pack, this bag provides tnw aero survival rifle 9mm review pockets for gun components and ammunition with plenty of room left over for additional gear.

Teresia Przybylski

Nickel-plated copper hollow point. The extra caliber components and "grab and go" bag are sold separately.


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