good survival horror games 2015

Good Survival Horror Games 2015

It is a stand-along game experience so you dont have to play the first two games to understand whats going on in this one. Let's talk about the best. Let us know in the comments section below. Sega and Creative Assemblys Alien: Isolation ditches this overused concept in favor of Ridley Scotts shocking 1979 prequel.

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A slow-paced Teleglitch, a rifle survival horror game by way of Ice-Pick Lodge; Darkwood is about top-down exploration of creepy woods, fighting off creepy crawlies and crafting zombie the elements you need to defend yourself, but theres a dash of surrealism that sets it apart from its. Top 4: ( 03:05 ).E.A.R. Its creator, Bill Lowe, was recently hired by Facepunch emergency Studios makers of Garrys Mod and Rust so that he could devote his full attention to making the game a reality. Garry Newman was frustrated by the pace of development of DayZ and so he decided to make a game that played with similar concepts. Unapologetically still terribly named, its improving on every factor of the first game more enemies, better AI, wars going on independent of the player and, ultimately, more ships to harvest for tasty, tasty parts.

Early Access Release date Q4 What. Most of its main mechanics are complete. And whats left to do is mainly polish.

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Top Survival Horror Games of 2015 « m: Video 20 terrifying PC horror games to play with the lights off

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Surviving in survival snowy, freezing Northern Quebec with an adventure slant, theres a demo build song of this that was released as part of the successful Kickstarter. At the same time, a physical version containing both acts will go on sale for PCs and Macs. Alice enjoyed driving around in the snow and lamented not having access to a VR device, which the developers are targeting as the best way to experience. Equal parts good idea for a space-rock dodging survival game and cynical slapping of a popular name on something.

Caffeine Official site Genre Survival Game, First-Person, Horror Release date Q3 What is it? Final Fantasy XV for PS4/XB1 Thanks to what is now a nine-year development process (which has included a name change and a platform switch it's hard to guarantee a 2015 release window for the game once known as Final Fantasy Versus xiii, but the darker. The Forest Official site Genre Survival Game, Early Access Release date TBA What is it? Its set on a procedural planet, so thats nice, but other than that its hunting through farmhouses, dying to as many bugs as zeds, and as early access as they come. Machine for Pigs is also worth checking out, as long as you curb your expectations.

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Looking Ahead to the Horror Games of 2015 - Bloody Disgusting!

Editor's note: This list is updated annually in October. Johns surprise of the year and containing the RPS-certified bestest best exploration. Child of Cooper Official site Genre Survival Horror Release date TBA 2015 What is it? Nighttime as a baby is even creepier. The project comes from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, and has already released the full first version of its Arena Commander combat sim module. One publication already named last year's short teaser.T.

Top 5: ( 02:14 ) soma, platform: PC, PS4. Until Dawn tbd summer for PS4 Drastically retooled from its original planned incarnation as a PS3 game, Until Dawn is now a dark, cinematic, third-person horror adventure (think of it as an interactive slasher flickor maybe just another Heavy Rain featuring vocal acting from Hayden. Outlast Among the Sleep Nighttime is creepy. Amnesia, there was Penumbra.

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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 February 17/18 (1st episode) for PC/PS4/XB1/PS3/X460 Set between the events of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, this new survival horror game will be released episodically throughout the spring, with four chapters planned. U55 End of Line brought to us by good survival horror games 2015 the Effective Evolution Studio. Mario Party 10 tbd for Wii U The first Mario Party release for the Wii U console will once again feature a variety of competitive minigames for up to four players, with many designed to take advantage of the new GamePad controller.

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It looks weird, confusing, and beautiful.

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Outlast, the thought of wandering through an abandoned mental asylum seems like a bad good survival horror games 2015 idea in reality, but a genius setup for a video game. . Also on tap for the near future is an FPS module and the story-based campaign Squadron 42, among countless other stretch goals enabled by the extra funding.

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Again, since Techland was suppose to work on Dead Island 2, this game was suppose to be a mod for the Dead Island franchise, but it look bad-ass enough to stand on its own.

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Gravity, with you playing as an astronaut who is adrift in space near the wreckage of a badly damaged space station who must find some way to survive and return home. This one is categorized as a sci-fi, action horror game, but I refer to my first eepy!

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Additionally, you encounter a variety of traps, where quick thinking and found good survival horror games 2015 puzzle pieces ensure your survival; spikes lowering from the ceiling or a doorway with spinning blades are among the dangers youll face. Borderlands studio Gearbox is billed as a "hero-shooter" (with a choice of playable heroes and will feature an actual narrative campaign, something lacking in straight mobas. Here is a note from the game-makers themselves: U55 END OF THE line is a horror-adventure deeply rooted.

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Make it out alive with, prima's free good survival horror games 2015 The Evil Within walkthrough, and see the must have PS4 games of 2015. Dead Island 2 tbd Q2 for PC/PS4/XB1 This direct sequel to the 2011 horror action-RPG Dead Island will come from a new developer ( Spec Ops: The Line shop Yager) and is set in the decidedly non-island locale of California, which provides a bigger playground.


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