survival hunter guide arena junkies

Survival Hunter Guide Arena Junkies

Tier 6: Not Recommended - Sniper Training: Increases the critical strike chance of your kill shot by 15 and after remaining stationary for 6 seconds your steady shot and cobra shot deal 6 more damage for 15 seconds. Macros - Arena Junkies has a great list of macros that can be found here. Is also an option that is more focused toward single target dps and skips out on black arrow. Good talent, makes your dps go way up when rapid fire is used. Costume and Talent Contests: Get a great view of the creativity on display in the legendary BlizzCon Costume Contest and epic Talent Contest on Friday night.

Px Recount - pve addon, shows dps. Gemming (Updated for.3) With the way gear has scaled up from.1 -.3 and the way that zombie resilience becomes less and less effective after around 3800 resilience the natural zombie amount of base resilience that youre getting with even just honor best gear is perfectly.

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Insert Header Image add snide name for the guide. These 6 pets together provide a well balanced group of pets that company can be used to increase the utility of your team. Deterrence-Terrible, awful glyph, 10 seconds off of a 2 minute cooldown is an extreme let down, they could do so many better things with this t alas.

Tier 1 Serpents Swiftness: Increases your pets attack speed by 10 Great talent, more dps is always good for your pets in pvp. Mandatory - Efficiency: Reduces the focus gdzie cost of your arcane shot by 3 and your explosive and chimera shot. Will not work on the remains of elemental or mechanical creatures. Tier 4: Unless you're doing some wierd shit in 2v2 you will always go with Soul Rending.

Snatch, the one with the most CDs or the best opener wins.

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Spec Stat Priority - Hunter - Arena Junkies Legion Survival Hunter Macros - Hunter - Arena Junkies

Guide Demon Hunter - Demon Hunter - Arena Junkies Dilly s Survival Hunter PvP guide (6.2.3) - Page

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Best spec for.4 - Hunter - Arena Junkies

6.2 Hunter Changes - Hunter - Arena Junkies

Control your Pet Put your pet on passive, keybind pet attack and pet follow and micro-manage your pet manually. (In the current gearset, with full PVP gear you will have exactly 1 Meta Slot, 3 Red slots, 3 Yellow slots, and 3 Blue slots. You could, however, skip this talent and glyph immolation trap depending on your playstyle. I like this talent, its good for battlegrounds and TB since I tend to get a lot of killing blows via kill shot. Great talent, makes it so dash is always available for your pet to use.

Vs some setups it can be great to use as a defensive CD to dispel DoT's from your teamates and/or yourself. Wyvern healer and you have double cc going. I have actually gotten the instant aimed shot numerous times in arenas, it just requires someone to be standing still for a very long time which doesnt happen often. When a base is under heavy attack and youre probably going to die, make sure you keep them from capturing the point as long as you possibly can to buy time for your team to come to your aid.

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I usually put one of them on focus frame and alternate Throw Glaive on the hunter / his pets. You are rarely relying on the speed increase from those aspects, and even if you are an extra 8 wont mean survival hunter guide arena junkies much. Not Recommended - Frenzy: Your pet gains 6 attack speed after attacking with a basic attack, lasting for 10 seconds and stacking up to 5 times.

Ngan Schalk

Exhil is out of the picture post Readiness change, So you have the choice of a base constant 10 damage reduction, or a BF affected dampening affected heal for 3 every 2 seconds, which requires your pet to be alive. He heroic leaps, disengage. Also, you should be wearing 100 PVP gear.

Romeo Prowell

Good cooldown ability, survival hunter guide arena junkies will give both you and your pet a nice temporary dps increase. They keep dumbing the game down. Steady Shot-Good glyph for marks, steady shot needs all the help it can get.

Juan Hodapp

Good talent, the bonus damage to fire traps and BA is survival gear presents nice, and more snakes can be useful too. Don't waste time due to Metamorphosis having a 4 min CD and is probably gone when the 1v1 situation emerges.

Joanna Manke

I guess the dmg nerfs are fine, I dont really care for barrage so Id rather it just not be a thing anyways. Tier 2: Improved Cower: Reduces the movement speed penalty of your pets cower by 100 Not survival hunter guide arena junkies worth getting in my opinion, as there are better talents out there. PvP (and most things) in WoW is usually some sort of team effort, meaning you cant do everything on your own, so dont expect.

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Concussive shot - this is a great survival muse lyrics espaol glyph, useful on anyone mounted as well as any class with a speed increase (rogues, ferals, rets, holy paladins, mages) Raptor Strike - this is a great glyph, and can make for some excellent strategy against other hunters.

Norah Dufresne

From worst to best they are.

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Note: In full survival hunter guide arena junkies ilvl 371 gear your resilience will naturally come to around 3800, which is about a 38 damage reduction in pvp.

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This is one of the best survival hunter guide arena junkies pvp abilities that pets can acquire. The goal with reforging is to reduce as many undesirable secondary stats as possible, while maximizing the good ones. Exclusive Interviews: Dig deeper into our game universes through exclusive interviews with Blizzard developers on the BlizzCon All Access channel.


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