tool logic survival card 2 review

Tool Logic Survival Card 2 Review

I have demonstrated how to use similar type tweezers to escape handcuffs and even assist in picking locks (both are ill-advised in most situations so this is a very handy item. The tool I decided on was the Tool Logic Survival Card 2, a simple, lightweight, functional credit card-type multi-tool. Rugged, steel backed construction is the basis upon which this Card Tool innovates. So the next item on my Survival Card is the magnesium fire starter. Features include, a complete ultralight survival tool with magnesium alloy fire starter.

The handle of the knife fits shelters well into my two fingers, and it is made so your finger survival will not slip onto the blade. Unequivocally when assessing for the best tool logic survival card make without question you contribute some imperativeness to get a few information about the thing. Signal Whistle, toothpick, i know there are other cards that offer other options (compass and magnifying lens come to mind but for the price dead and what I would need in a more urban environment, this version works fine.

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Tool Logic - Survival Card Review Tool logic Survival Card 2 (SVC2)

Keep the xbox Survival Card with you and you'll always be prepared for life's unforseen emergencies.

What I came up with was an EDC wallet which I will be doing a post on in the future. An emergency whistle is not something you may think about for an everyday EDC situation, but in a worst-case scenario (like being trapped in a building collapse or in a car that special has run off the road into a steep ditch it can. Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool, Sapphire (Click Link to Check Price on Amazon). Web browser based cookies allow us to customize our site for you, save items in your cart, and provide you with a great experience when shopping OpticsPlanet. The knife is made of AUS 8A-type stainless steel, and as you can see by the picture, is relatively small.

Tool Logic Survival Card 2 review - The Gadgeteer Tool Logic Svc2 Survival Card Knife With Fire Starter Light TEJ

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(click photo to check price). The red LED light is nothing spectacular, but it is always nice to have some light in a pinch. Your privacy is important to us, and any personal information you supply to us is kept strictly confidential. Like I said, not spectacular but it will do in a pinch. Rugged, translucent black ABS.

Do you need an EDC tool that is multi-functional as well as practical?

Overall, I like the Tool Logic Survival Card 2 for its basic functionality and size.

The concept and design are well thought out and put together.

I will note that the fire starter comes with a black or charcoal-colored coating on it that you must scrape away before you will get any sparks.

JavaScript is blocked by AdBlocker or ScriptBlocker We're sorry - it looks like some elements of OpticsPlanet are being disabled by your AdBlocker. Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size. Amazon Filler Item, small Filler for Amazon - 1 Pocket Constitution Book. TSA will confiscate it if you try to carry. Show moreShow less, review 1,.

125 wide, m"3 ounces and, the last two items in this card are a toothpick and a pair of tweezers 375 long, it weighs. And" s advisable to pack this tool in your checked luggage.

Do you need that tool to fit into your wallet? If you liked this story, be sure to read our other stories). Editor's Rating :.1 out. B H # sosvc2 guarani MFR # SVC2, show MoreLess, close, now Viewing:.5" Blade, magnesium Alloy Fire Starter. I must note, at the time of this writing the end nub on my tweezers broke off while the tweezers were in the slot of the card, making it almost impossible to get them out or use.

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Adolfo Bartmess

I warframe how to get survival void keys must note, at the time of this writing the end nub on my tweezers broke off while the tweezers were in the slot of the card, making it almost impossible to get them out or use.

Gerri Chasse

Survival IN THE city AND THE outback.

Lani Pooser

The.5-inch fixed blade fine edge knife removes easily from the Card Tool with an ergonomic finger hole and nail nick for easy application. So I got to thinking about how I could build an EDC that did not necessarily look like an EDC system. Amazon Filler Item, small Filler for Amazon - 1 Pocket Constitution Book.

Robt Halperin

My pockets are full of enough stuff as it is, so the thin. This review could just as easily be for any of a dozen or so similar primo levi survival in auschwitz products, but this is probably the best-in-breed for our purposes.

Joanna Manke

Pages with related products. There are a variety of third-party merchants offering the SVC2 as well with prices ranging from 15 up to 40 (and, of course, those delightful scams that do things like charge 25 plus another 15 in shipping. The blade itself is small enough tool logic survival card 2 review to be secured to a pole as a spear tip but large enough to do some damage if used that way.

Claud Guillaume

Use tool logic survival card 2 review the built-in hole for lanyard attachment on the credit card sized Tool Logic SVC1.

Giselle Swearngin

Tool Logic SVC2 Survival Card Tool With 1/2 Serrated Knife, Fire Starter, Whistle, Red LED Flashlight, Translucent k pop extreme survival ost list Black. The color is charcoal. The price: The list price from Tool Logic.

Anika You

The Bear Grylls Priorities of Survival Pocket Guide is included with this tool, furthering its usefulness and potential life-saving utility. I am sure you can find lots of uses for the toothpick other than picking your teeth, but to me it is just a so tool logic survival card 2 review so addition.

Catherin Friday

Prices vary, but most are in the 25-30USD area. Loud emergency signal whistle.

Otilia Segraves

Shipping is free on all orders over gerber survival knife 2016 25 (sold by Amazon).


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