survival hunter 4.3.4 pve glyphs

Survival Hunter 4.3.4 Pve Glyphs

Like your all in one pop cd, Hunters mark petattack, MSD on focus, Msd on pet. Lastly, I would like the thank Kalilah's.1 Survival Guide! Our excess focus drainer, Glyph of Arcane Shot fills out the last Prime Glyph slot, as with the tier 13 2-set bonus it is being used more often due to more focus generation. FD has me doing 360 DPS more when using a raptor instead of a ravager or hyeena, unbuffed.

Tauri-Veins - Survival Hunter DPS Statistics Priority and Reforging

(This spell youtube cannot stack) -Use Silencing Shot against healers or spell casters walmart to prevent them from using any spells. SV hunter shot rotations are more affected by haste than ever before. Blue gem - x1 50 survival Hit Rating, the rest should be 50 Agility. Hard to pass this one.

AoE DPS increase, no matter what build you have a chunk of your dps is in your pet. Showtooltip Masterapos, beyond 397 up to 403410 you should begin to reforge all of your haste into masteryhit and or crit as the stats get so high that you will gain so much haste that it loses its benefits beyond a certain point28 Haste.

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Guide - Hunter - Survival Patch.3 - Talents / Glyphs / Stats / Gems

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Also increase the damage done by Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, and Chimera Shot when used after you kill a mob which would generally grant you XP or Honor. Useful in arenas) /cast @Focus Silencing Shot (Silences your focus target book for 4 seconds with your Silencing Shot Spell. If the fish get rowdy you should have the defensive capabilities to deal with them, with the proper talents and gear. console CameraDistanceMaxFactor 4 Focus Macro: Set focus on target /focus Misdirection Focus Macro: To misdirect your focus target #showtooltip Misdirection /cast targetfocus Misdirection I have 2 variations for this BiS setup as it is situational in some fights. Lethal Shots - Very safe place to drop another 5 talent points to gain 5 crit chance.

(Remember in majority of fights i advise not to use this macro unless you really need to move for a very long period of time. A SV hunter haste dinosaur plateau is the amount of haste that lets us squeeze an extra. Scatter Shot is generally more useful as a boost in a BM leveling spec, or as part of your MM PvP spec. I personally choose this build myself. Hit Rating is your second most important stat, as it determines your chance to miss a target with.

Has an 8 second cooldown, no focus cost and is an instant cast. You want that 1 point in Go for the Throat because it will increase your pet dps, which in turn increases yours. Chest: Peerless Stats (20 All Stats). This build takes those 3 points and puts them into talents to boost your dps. Marksmanship Builds: 8/31/2 - Best Hunter Marksman Build for Raid DPS - This is the best raid dps build for raid dps for marksmanship hunters as of patch.3.

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Guide PvE Survival Hunter.3.4 Warmane Guides and Updates

RED highlighted talents are situational and preferred only by your taste. MS - Multi-shot, aotP - Aspect of the Pack. Use Scatter Shot to cancel someone's casting or to give you time to make a runaway. Your shots are far slower than that of the BM hunter, but you hit quite a bit harder.

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Prince Bump

Just something to think of whoever is browsing this forum post if they see the survival hunter 4.3.4 pve glyphs delay too. Potions: Potion of the Tol'vir.

Jefferey Wilczynski

Ahhhhhh the fail Kill shot is currently the preferred 3rd glyph. Whereas all production professions give an agility bonus, these gathering professions do not. YOU need THE flintlocke'S woodchucker.

Caroyln Gust

Explosive shot is top priority, even over serpent sting. Talents: glyph: PET talents (important stats: NOW FOR stats ourvival hunter first AS usual YOU will need 8 HIT CAP, after YOU need TO GET atleast 750-760 haste WHY?

Gilda Hillery

FOR every explosive shoo USE 1 arcane shot TOO. If under 60 focus, cast realistic survival games for xbox 360 a Cobra Shot then a third Explosive Shot.

Joanna Manke

Glyphed Kill Shot doesn't reset until it hits the boss/mob. IF your item HAS crit AND AND haste (OF course having THE 750-760 haste) reforge haste TO mastery.

Joe Howlett

04/19/2012 01:41 AMPosted by Goldobank Ummm. (when gemming unless the bonus equates to positive dps always gem delicate.

Claud Guillaume

This is an esee wallet mini survival kit 80 agility upgrade from the Therazane shoulder enchant. IF your item HAS crit AND mastery DO NOT reforge.


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