survival first aid kit contents list

Survival First Aid Kit Contents List

Emergency items, emergency phone numbers, including contact information for your family doctor and pediatrician, local emergency services, emergency road service providers, and the poison help line, which in the United States. You can buy first-aid kits at many drugstores or assemble your own. Other Articles You May Be Interested In: Patrick Blair Patrick is a Christ follower, the father of a special needs daughter with a brilliant personality and two musically talented sons, the husband of a beautiful and incredibly wonderful woman, an avid cook and gardener,. Duct tape can quickly and safely pull together an open wound, and can buy you the time you need to reach medical help.

Youre going to use items like band-aids on survival a quotient regular basis, pack them games in the necessary numbers. Major Injuries march B, major Bleeds: This is probably the best known of the major injuries, and with good reason. When I was in Afghanistan we encountered several cripples who broke limbs and didnt allow them to heal correctly, and believe me, its not a place you want. Note there are still kits out there that adhere to antiquated techniques, so make sure you do your research before purchasing a kit. Space, however, is still a limiting factor.

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This is a good kit for a survival situation because it allows you to take care of yourself for an extended period of time. We want you to have craft the ability to provide medical help in a disaster scenario, and for that, youll need conventional medical supplies and some knowledge on what natural remedies are useful for certain situations. A D ointment-great for rashes Bag Balm-also great for rashes Aloe vera- for burns zinc oxide cream-useful for rashes and as a sunscreen zinc oxide powder medical grade- to mix with Clove bud essential oil, and make a temporary dental filling *RAW honey-externally for serious. Major Injury (trauma) Kit, minor Injury Kit, continuing Operations Kit. HP may damage healing cells inside an open skin wound.

Tac Med Solutions: Yet another tactical medical site. These include things like antiseptics, splints, and slings, among other things. Finally, for breaks in areas like the collar bone you will have to make use of a sling. Again, this is the minimum, other things to have include sterile wrap, hemostatic commands gauze, compression bandages, sutures, liquid skin, alcohol pads, and multiples of all of the above. The most well known of these infections is tetanus, but others exist as well.

Theres a reason, finding out what you need, just remember. Your Medic Corpsman This is pretty much exclusive to active duty military who are put in harms way admin clerks might have a hard time justifying the need to bolster their ifaks with additional equipment. If the hospital is going to throw it away.

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The concept of field stabilization is increasingly popular, and is particularly effective given modern transportation survival and the close proximity of high raft quality medical facilities. nes and I spend a lot of time and energy survival researching back-up plans for traditional medicine. Since the wound isnt life threatening in and of itself, sterilization is your primary goal.

Do not use on open skin wounds after the initial wound cleaning! Minor Injuries Cuts and Lacerations: Small cuts and scrapes can be easy to ignore in the field. Medex Supply: This is a good general purpose medical online store, however, a lot of its equipment is meant for a clean, stationary environment. Avoid temporary solutions, these kinds of items are very popular, but next to useless if you cant get the patient to a hospital. Shock has the capability to be a major problem if not properly treated. There are several outlets for the amateur medic to learn the necessary skills; a few of the main ones are listed below. Chiggers, which actually burrow into your skin, are an even more annoying problem.

Include lots of non-adherent telfa pads so healing wounds wont stick to the dressing). However, dont overlook the opportunity to learn a little yourself. The first and foremost of these is how you are going to carry. Unfortunately, chest decompression kits and ambu-bags are of limited help without a hospital to transfer the patient. N-95s (for healthy people to keep them from getting sick!).

You also need to make sure you include something to clean the cut.

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Diagnostic tools can also be helpful to have, while not completely necessary if weight is a premium. I personally use the veterinarian method of squeezing the jaw open, but make use of whatever way makes you feel comfortable. Size of the kit The size and completeness of your first aid kit will depend on a number of factors.

Putting your kit together Buying a pre made first aid kit I would generally advise against purchasing a premade kit because it rarely has everything you need, and it often gives the bare minimum in terms of quantity (5 band-aids is not sufficient for any. After the sticks are set wrap the whole thing in ace wrap, and presto, field cast. However, both can get infected, which can cripple you in the field. Tea tree essential bite tx/burn tx Lavender essential effect for insomnia, stress/skin care-rashes and cuts Peppermint essential oil-respiratory and nasal congestion/Headache tx 1 drop to temples or inhale vapors/also good for digestive disorders/achy joints and muscle tx/ use 2 drops on toothbrush with baking soda.

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Wilkinson JM (expert survival first aid kit contents list opinion). To be safe, plan for more scarce than you think. Dont Forget to Include Ways to Prevent Infection.

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In the preparedness community we see a lot of people eager to recommend various products, mostly off-the-shelf, dehydrated, store-bought items. During a survival situation, where sanitation issues may become a problem, keeping your wounds clean and covered is critical to preventing problems.

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Any container will do, but I like to use certain things for certain situations.

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Antidiarrheal pills Because you never know ya know? Having a well-stocked first aid kit is a necessity in any home. And also, if you know of anyone who would like this post, please share it with your like-minded friends.

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We like to keep it simple though. Alcohol prep wipes, useful survival first aid kit contents list for cleansing wound sites prior to bandaging.

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Related Categorized in: Background, Bug Out Bag Essentials, Bug Out Bags, Emergency Preparedness. Personally, I recommend you keep a first aid kit in each bathroom in your house, one under the kitchen sink, one in the garage, and one in each car. The last thing we want is for people like you to not start because you dont now how.

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Medications, aloe vera gel, calamine lotion, anti-diarrhea medication. The difference here is, improper usage of the items on this first aid kit checklist could result directly or indirectly in death.


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